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Brother Julio’s Surgery – An Urgent Prayer

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Dear brother Julio and his family live in Mexico and he needs an operation ASAP costing $4,000 to fix his leg and remove this contraption that causes him great pain.

He and his wife and child live under tarps on the street in Mexico. He used to live in the garbage dump with his wife but the government threw all thee of them into the street and bulldozed their homes and everything they couldn’t carry out in 5 minutes!! The police also shot him in the leg!!! His wife was pregnant at the time and she ended up giving birth to their baby on the street!! We have been ministering to these people who live under the tarps since they were in the garbage dump and this man and his family have been converted. He has absolutely no resources because now he cannot even work. He used to drive a bus but he cannot do it anymore due to the extreme pain.
You will see the grave situation they are in below and the tarps they live under right next to several very busy roads. You will see a photo of his beloved his wife and daughter. We plan to go minister to them in July and want to get his operation scheduled while we are there and are raising money for him to do just that. It would put him back to work and get this family off the streets.  Please consider helping Julio in the name of Jesus. 100% goes directly to the surgery!
Julios Prayer